Just Think Design Launches Kickstarter Project for Innovative iPad 2 Stylus

Stylo iPad stylus from Just Think

Styló Stylus - Rare Earth Magnets, Double Tip and Premium Materials

Giving function and aesthetics an equally important weight, Just Think Design produces products that are both unique and practical. Just Think Design presents the Styló stylus designed for use with the Apple® iPad 2® and other capacitive tablets. Styló stylus includes unique design features that make it unlike any stylus available on the market.

The Future of the Stylus for iPad

Every detail about how you interact with a tablet was analyzed to design the distinctive Styló stylus. The stylus includes rare earth magnets designed to attach to the side of the iPad 2 screen for easy storage. A double tip, symmetrical design ensures the stylus is balanced and can be used instantly when needed. Only the best materials, performing their functions flawlessly, were selected to create a premium accessory. Adapting to individual needs, the ergonomic design offers a superior experience allowing you to write, sketch, sign, navigate and perform accurately. 

“It's hard to believe what the current tablets are capable of doing. It was our goal to complement their capabilities,” said Nikola Zistakis, Creative Architect at Just Think Design in Chicago, Illinois. “By satisfying crucial design parameters, the Styló stylus provides an enhanced user experience along with a distinctive design.”

Stylus Provides Accuracy for a Tablet

Touch is the quickest way to interact with an iPad, but it's not the most accurate and can be uncomfortable. Users have found they lack the precision required for certain tasks and have turned to a stylus to provide the necessary consistency. The Styló stylus offers what fingers lack, allowing an improved experience in note-taking, drawing, and navigation. Users can interact more accurately with many applications available for the iPad. Note-taking and sketching applications such as Notability, Penultimate, Art Studio for iPad, Autodesk® SketchBook Pro and Autodesk® AutoCAD WS all benefit from a more accurate input.

“Tablets are designed for simple everyday interactions, but there is a growing number of uses that require more precise inputs,” said Zistakis. “Our design of the Styló stylus took these applications into account and created a stylus that enhances regular touch input.”

Styló Stylus Pricing and Availability

Priced at $19.99 USD plus shipping, the Styló stylus is projected to launch in January online. Customers will find the Styló stylus on Amazon or at Just Think Design's online store. Customers that would like to preorder the stylus can visit Kickstarter and become a backer for a $5.00 discount off the retail price.

Source: http://www.justthinkdesign.com/

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