Kapeesh - Mobile Game Developer Pursues Draw Somethings $200M Success

Kapeesh Word Game (AppStore Link)
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Kapeesh Word Game
Developer: Richard Lay
Price: free Download on the App Store

Richard Lay introduces Kapeesh 1.8.1 for iOS, a mobile social game where players describe words or expressions to each other without using any of the taboo words that are presented to them. The idea of Kapeesh was born after the mobile game Draw Something shot to fame in early 2012. Kapeesh attempts to emulate their success using the power of words.

Kapeesh is a modern mobile take on the popular board game Taboo, which has been played for decades and was also the basis of televised game shows. But unlike the traditional version of Taboo, Kapeesh doesn't need to played in the physical presence of your family and friends. Instead, it is played online using your device's internet connection.

"With many word games in the market such as Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends, Kapeesh aims to differentiate itself from the vast majority of others by focusing on expression, creativity and ability to think outside the box, rather than just knowledge of the dictionary." said Richard, "People express themselves differently depending on who they're playing with, and that helps to keep things interesting."

The title of the game is derived from the Italian word 'capisci', which translates to 'do you understand?'. "The name Kapeesh neatly describes what the game is all about, to see if your friends and family understand what you are trying to say." said Richard.

Games continue to dominate the app market, raking in over 80% of total revenue. A 90 day study by San Francisco-based Flurry discovered that social turn-based games, like Kapeesh, is among the top genres for retaining and engaging users. Social turn-based games prove to be effective in building an active, loyal user base by creating interesting games played among friends.

Unlike other gaming giants in the market, Richard is the sole developer of Kapeesh. "It's definitely tough being the only developer." said Richard, "Being based in Australia, where the start up culture isn't as strong compared to the United States, you just need to work even harder to keep up."

Kapeesh 1.8.1 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.

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