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Developer: Oliver Otto
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O.o Applications, an emerging mobile application and software developer, is excited to announce the launch of MediaSafe for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Created to be a powerful new media protection tool, MediaSafe gives security conscious users the power to effectively safeguard videos, photos, contact lists and personal notes kept on their mobile devices. The app employs a practical brass tacks design that consolidates user's contents into a single hub which can be secured via an intuitive dot-lock passcode protection feature.

MediaSafe was made with one specific goal in mind: Create a security solution to effectively keep prying eyes away from users' private content while ensuring that users themselves maintained seamless access to it. This tool allows users to import photo and video content, as well as contact lists from their iPhone, iPad or iPod and store them directly within the app.

Users can categorize photos and video into different albums within the app, create new photo albums and even copy and share media via Facebook directly through the app. Avid note-takers will be happy to know that MediaSafe's Notes section gives them the opportunity to write and save personal notes on anything they want to all from within the app too.

It's a secure alternative to user's default media library option, and one which offers all the same functionalities and ease of use. Creating a secure lock for MediaSafe takes mere seconds, while an auto-log out feature ensures that the app stays locked even if users forget to do it themselves.

Once they download the app users simply create a custom sliding pattern for its dot-lock and enable it. The lock's nine dot grid offers thousands upon thousands of possible combinations, guaranteeing that cracking or guessing a user's unique lock pattern is nothing short of impossible. Users can reset and change their passcode in a few simple steps via the app's Settings menu, and as an added security feature, the option to set a fake code to thwart intruders is available as well. Keeping media, content and personal information safe is a top concern today, and in the mobile arena MediaSafe is the solution.

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