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Rebtel: Cheap International Calls (AppStore Link)
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Rebtel: Cheap International Calls
Developer: Rebtel Services S.a.r.l.
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"Our app makes smart decisions based on price and data connection quality. The app allows you to call any phone or PC anywhere over WiFi/3G or the cellular network using local minutes," said Andreas Bernstrom, Rebtel CEO.

Rebtel, the world's second largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, today announced the launch of Rebtel 2.0 (see video below), a new generation of intelligent applications designed for desktop and smartphones, which facilitates platform independent free high-quality calls. The free iPhone application, available on the App Store, allows users to make and receive free international calls using WiFi/3G as well as local minutes. Texts and calls can also be done to any non-Rebtel users on any phone for rates up to 90% cheaper than the standard international calling rate of an average carrier. The app also introduces a new proprietary Rebtel technology called KeepTalking™, which by the push of a button allows users to seamlessly transition mid-call from WiFi/3G to local minutes. The iPhone and desktop applications will add to the Rebtel free call network already including Android and Blackberry applications and facilitate free calls between all existing platforms.

"The industry is full of exciting innovations such as GroupMe, Tango and Viber, however these services are limited to those who have downloaded these apps and those who have strong enough data coverage. Rebtel has none of these limitations and addresses them with one single app," said Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Rebtel. "Our app makes smart decisions based on price and data connection quality. The app allows you to call any phone or PC anywhere over WiFi/3G or the cellular network using local minutes, and allows users to seamlessly switch between the two if data coverage deteriorates. It's the best of both worlds and will ensure huge user savings of up to 40% compared to services like Skype."

Rebtel 2.0 features and benefits:


For situations when the WiFi/3G connection is not good enough to sustain a call, Rebtel introduces KeepTalking™, allowing users to simply press a button on the iPhone call screen during a WiFi/3G call to seamlessly improve the connection from data to local numbers and still be able to make a Free International Call using Rebtel's applications and local numbers in 53 countries. The new innovation KeepTalking™ aims to increase voice quality, reduce phone bills and greatly reduce dropped calls. With the new applications it is now possible to keep calling internationally for free even when you transfer from data to a regular mobile call.

Platform Independent Free Calls Between Rebtel App Users

Calls to friends who are running any Rebtel application on a smartphone or PC can be made for free over WiFi/3G as well as using local minutes. These contacts are labeled "Free" in the in-app contact list to make it simple to see who's already using Rebtel, and who you should invite. Whenever a friend or business acquaintance in a users' contact list downloads Rebtel 2.0, a PUSH message is sent as a notification. Rebtel also offers SMS to any mobile phone number, with an average cost savings of approximately 60% over U.S. carriers.

Contact Integration

Rebtel 2.0 works with each user's own contact list wherever it might live. The company's mobile offerings integrate with the phone's native address book, while the PC app allows you to connect with third-party services such as Google Contacts and Facebook.

Easy Set-up

With the new Rebtel applications, the sign up process is reduced to one single step where the user simply connects their phone to the Rebtel network. Immediately after signup, the user can see which friends in their contact list they can call for free.

The market for voice is still twice that of all TV operators and three times more than all internet related revenues. Voice calls generated $628 billion of carrier operator revenues last year, meaning that two thirds of total revenues and half of total profits still come from voice calls. Mobile messaging generated 19% of total mobile operator revenues 45% of total profits. That means that voice and messaging produced 86% of all mobile operator revenues and 95% of their profits. The mobile VoIP market is expected to reach $36 billion in revenues by 2016 and by the end of 2011, there will be around 70 million mobile VoIP users according to a study from Visiongain 2011.

About Rebtel: The world's second largest mobile VoIP company, Rebtel is growing rapidly with more than 13 million callers and with a run rate of over 1 billion minutes per year. Rebtel offers users free or cheap international calls from 50 countries through smartphone or desktop applications as well as any other phone. For more information, go to

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