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Kids Boats
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PyjamasApps today introduces a new educational app for kids, Kids Boats 1.0 for iOS. The game strives to teach kids about the world geographical diversity and animals living there. The game features three different types of controls, so each player will find the most comfortable to play with.

The unique game feature is a control of a boat by blowing wind from the mouth to the device and tilting it to steer. It delivers a feeling of reality, so the kids can feel themselves in a role of a real captain of the adventurous expeditions.

"Kids Boats is an acceptable way for the kids to explore the surrounding world. The game takes your kid to the safe and stressless environment in which he or she has an opportunity to choose the most acceptable boat control type and play at the pace kid likes, because there are no time restrictions. By familiarizing with different climate situations, game develops kids' dictionary, while control of the boat and avoidance of obstacles strengthens concentration of attention, fine motor and problem solving skills," says child psychologist, Daiva Svirusyte.

Kids can choose river in one of three climate zones - woodland, desert or arctic. In each zone they will meet corresponding animals - some of them will be in the river, blocking the path of paper boat. The task is to evade these animals, collect stars and messages in the bottles. These found messages will make a collection of all discovered animals. The game is designed for all iOS devices and is available on the App Store.

Feature Highlights:
* 3 different ways to control the boat
* 3 levels - forest, arctic, desert
* Random river bed generation
* 21 different animals to collect
* Geographical knowledge
* Fine motor skills
* Attractive sounds
* Kid-friendly design
* Parents menu
* No advertising
* No violence

Kids Boats 1.0 free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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  • Junaid Arshad

    Amazing educational app for kids to learn everyday basic words that will give them a head start in speaking and reading fluently.

    This app will not only teach words but also foster thinking and understanding of young minds. Everyday they will learn new words and be able to recognize objects through pictures, text and the places where they are found. The places included in the app are bedroom, bathroom and many more.
    The child friendly voice over, sounds of applause, cheerful music and encouraging remarks like 'superb' and 'very good', will ensure a very positive learning experience for them. here is the link of game: