Kids Hunt Through Puzzle to Discover Dinosaurs on the iPad


KidSpring Studio, a burgeoning mobile application developer focused on creating children's educational apps, has today announced the successful recent update of Discover Dinosaurs for iPad devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. Discover Dinosaurs version 1.01 was launched to fix a minor image loading issue.

Discover Dinosaurs (AppStore Link)
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Discover Dinosaurs
Developer: Space Machine, Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

This educational app incorporates puzzle and quiz elements to help users learn about dinosaurs while entertaining themselves. A perfect mobile companion piece for anyone who's interested in getting up close and personal with Dinosaurs and learn more about them, Discover Dinosaurs version 1.01 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store in the Education category. 

Discover Dinosaurs includes nine levels of play. Each level begins by testing your knowledge about dinosaurs in the form of a short, multiple choice quiz. Once answers are chosen, a puzzle combining dinosaur images from the quiz questions is generated and can be solved by matching individual tiles for each picture one by one. After each dinosaur picture is completed the answer to the question will be revealed and a gold star will be given for each correct answer. Obtaining one gold star will unlock the next level of play where the puzzles will become more challenging. There are over nine unique levels to play through, and each level offers the inside scoop on what certain dinosaurs ate, where they lived, as well as names and appearances.

The app doesn't simply offer users the facts about their favorite dinosaurs, it incorporates a fully fleshed out dinosaur era theme throughout its interface and contents as well. The app includes vivid professional illustrations, animated elements, and audio features to ensure users stay engaged throughout. Discover Dinosaurs is perfect for social learning and collaborative classroom exercises as well. The app is technically well rounded as too. Always handy multi-touch support allows for multiple kids to utilize the app at once. Indeed, whether it's in the classroom, collaboration between siblings, or parents helping the children along, Discover Dinosaurs offers a dino education like no other all on the go.

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