Kill Any Zombies Yet? - New Halloween App Now Free on the App Store

Zombie Run Game (AppStore Link)
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Zombie Run Game
Developer: Best Free and Fun Games, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Zombie Run, a new zombie game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from evertap is now free on the app store for a limited time in connection with Halloween. Zombie Run is a fast action game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch where you the player are running through an abandoned farm after your car runs out of gas, when all the sudden you realize you aren't alone. You're amongst the dead tonight, and there's only one thing to do ... Run!

"Have you killed any zombies yet?," asks Ryan Wade, evertap Founder & CEO, "We'd like to see how well everyone does with this new game and we ask them to share it on our Facebook page!"

Throughout the game, you'll be able to kill zombies while picking up lifelines along the way to help you succeed on your mission through the fields. From extra health to more bullets, the lifelines are key to your survival. However, get caught up in some of the trees and brush - and you'll be zombie food real quick. How long can you stay alive?

Zombie Run Game 1.0 is normally $1.99 USD, but FREE for a Limited Time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. It is now free for a limited time only; so be sure to download this awesome game before it goes back paid after the promotion.

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