Kingdom of Pirates 1.3: An Exciting Adventure Awaits Players

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The fans of Kingdom of Pirates are awaiting the next big update - version 1.3, which will hit the AppStore anytime soon. The developer Toivon Studio has announced some of the new features that will be available in the successful MMO Kingdom of Pirates. This exciting game focuses on pirates uniting in the search for Captain Drake's lost treasure.

Players eagerly anticipate the introduction of new awesome levels to the game - that's the most anxiously awaited new feature. In addition, the players are especially excited about the first appearance of a new officer - Relentless Captain Ingo. As promised by the developer, new enemies and a continuously exciting storyline will be available in the upcoming update for Kingdom of Pirates.

A brand new fishing contest will open with the coming of version 1.3. The fishing system in Kingdom of Pirates actually represents a whole virtual currency, and fish can be exchanged for valuable items at the Pawnshop. With the new update of the game, this fishing system has been further optimized. Daily fishing attempts have been adjusted according to the real demands. Success rate of fishing has also been raised to bring more fun! Besides, while fishing, now players will have the opportunity to encounter the Kraken as well as other pirates. Successfully driving away enemy pirates can bring about an infamy boost. Yo-ho-ho!

In the new version, players will also have the option to donate Research Fragments, Ocean Tears, Kraken Fragments. The donation of those will make the Guild much stronger, and bring back even more rewards and benefits for its members. Captains, it's yer show time. All these amazing features will be available with Kingdom of Pirates version 1.3 for iOS. Are you ready for battle?

Currently, Kingdom of Pirates 1.2.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. It is advertisement-free and offers in-app purchases.

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