Kinito Ninja: Unleash Your Inner Ninja in New Side-Scrolling Adventure

Kinito Ninja (AppStore Link)
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Kinito Ninja
Developer: Delirium Studios Evolution S.L.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Yubi Games, an innovative mobile games developer and publisher, has today announced the release of Kinito Ninja for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. An addicting arcade adventure, Kinito Ninja charges mobile gamers with guiding their ninja hero past enemies and obstacles, shooting past wildly stylized worlds, and collecting as much treasure in the nick of time as they can!

Featuring sixty uniquely challenging levels, unlockable achievements, and professionally rendered animation, Kinito Ninja is currently available for download on the Apple App Store in the Games category. 

The player's goal is simple in this white knuckle side scrolling action adventure. All they need to worry about is running head-long past obstacles, slash their way past enemies, and get as much treasure as quickly as they can. As addicting as it is engaging, Kinito Ninja boasts beautifully stylized professionally rendered cartoon graphics, smooth gameplay, and seamless in-game animation to boot!

Gamers aren't tied down to a single hero in Kinito Ninja. Instead, they're free to play as one of two unique heroes: an intense Afro Samurai or a swift Geisha Warrior. Kinito Ninja is very intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that every level of player can jump right into the action. Characters automatically move forward, so all players need to worry about is jumping, ducking and slicing at the right time. Honing hand eye coordination and sharpening up reflexes is key for players that hope to come out on top through all six of the game's uniquely designed worlds!

Kinito Ninja is a well polished and well rounded gaming experience which features dozens of unlockable achievements and special collectible ninja combination moves to keep gamers motivated. Players can either battle against themselves via in-game leaderboards, or challenge the online Kinito Ninja community at large for ultimate dominance via fully integrated OpenFeint online leaderboards as well.

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