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Glass Ceiling (AppStore Link)
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Glass Ceiling
Developer: KissAppGames, LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

KissAppGames, a casual game company focused on developing and publishing apps for women and girls, released their first app, Glass Ceiling 1.0. The app features the heroine, Moxie, fighting her way up the corporate ladder as she tries to break through the glass ceiling. It's no easy feat as she battles fresh men, backstabbing co-workers, asinine accountants, bad bosses and other office stereotypes in her quest to reach the top.

Glass Ceiling is a side-scroller action adventure game. It's an interactive cartoon with beat'em up mechanics. Each level represents a floor in an office building. Moxie, a smart-minded career gal, starts out in the basement and works her way up the corporate ladder encountering multiple foes on her way to the top. Each floor is filled with floating objects for points, life-force battles and tricky obstacles. On mobile devices, the game features a touchscreen control system. You simply tap and hold in a direction to walk, tap enemies to attack and defend and tap to grab items. Easy to play, fun to explore, Moxie will ultimately discover what lies on the other side of the Glass Ceiling.

Glass Ceiling will appeal to anyone who has worked in an office environment, although it will resonate more loudly for women. This is the first mobile game to tackle this topic. The app takes a satirical approach and sheds light on a serious topic in a fun way.

According to Wendy Carmical, the game's creative co-founder, "Glass Ceiling is the perfect female revenge fantasy!" A veteran of the game industry, Carmical, is passionate about creating games that appeal to women. She formed the company with her friend, Maura Sparks. They are both industry veterans whose experience parallels the development of the computer game industry. "Creating apps gives us the opportunity to build a brand and company. Women today have to create their own opportunities," said Sparks.

Glass Ceiling 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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