KissIsland 2.0 Adds SuperBag With More Weapons, More Excitement

KissIsland (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Viacheslav Iushchenko
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

OstinGames has launched KissIsland 2.0, a major update to its light-hearted action game with survival-style fighting and sweet kiss rewards. Along with improved graphics, choice of controls (d-pad vs. accelerometer), super Diamond Hearts power-ups, and unique achievements, the application features the SuperBag which equips the hero with useful weapons to combat the hostile characters. In addition, players can use the new in-app store to quickly increase their SuperBag supplies.

In a fast paced game, you play a savvy USAF pilot #1 named Jack Starley, whose state-of-the-art military spaceship crashes in the mid of an ocean. You are lucky to stay alive! You find yourself on tropical KissIsland — the island of kisses — and now have to fight your way in wild jungles to survive and advance through 9 levels of increasing difficulty and inhabited with different characters, both sex-appeal Amazons and terrible apes, bosses like the Atamansha (the strongest woman on KissIsland), Shaman, and others. In addition to stones which Jack could throw at wild animals, he can now use the SuperBag which contains rocks, golden nuggets, rotten bananas, and the energy drink, with each instrument having different effect on the characters of the game. The supply of the SuperBag can be easily replenished through the In-Store. As soon as the hero runs out of the necessary weapon, the game will automatically refer the player to the in-app store.

There is a good deal of both challenge and humor in the game. As you progress through the first levels and get some practice, you figure out the tricks: how to quickly make a running pretty Amazonian lady stop to kiss her and how to tackle with horrible apes and other super strong characters.

The game stands out with a cheerful gameplay and beautiful graphics. The specially created music and sound effects match perfectly the classical comic strip style of pictures and visuals of the application.

App Store reviews by KissIsland fans:

  • "Anyone looking for a 'different' type of game that's really fun needs look no further. The art and humor alone are worth the cost..."
  • "This is a unique game where you chase down island woman and kiss them to beat the levels, but watch out the gorillas cause they wanna kiss too. Fun game."
  • "I kept laughing as I was playing the game. It's a good game indeed."
  • "A fun romp as you either kiss or be kissed. A great game of evasion and capture. Great for a few minutes in an airport or a lonely Friday night without a date. Pull out KissIsland become great man on the island!"

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