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My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters (AppStore Link)
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My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters
Developer: Nabee Productions Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

Kiwi company Nabee Productions has released their first interactive children's book for the iPad and has already made it to No.1 on the Top iPad Books in New Zealand. Nabee, which means "butterfly" in Korean, takes its readers on a journey of metamorphosis through its lesson-filled books, breathing magic back into storytelling.

The Directors of Nabee Productions, Gerrard Southam and Graci Kim, know that not all children fall in love with books in the traditional way, because everyone learns using different sensory receptors. Some children need more vivid visual cues, some prefer to use their ears, and others thrive through kinesthetic or "hands-on" encounters. With this in mind, Nabee transforms meaningful books into high-quality interactive experiences, so that children of all learning types can fall in love with reading.

Gerrard Southam (an artist for major Hollywood feature films including Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and more recently Peter Jackson's The Hobbit) and Graci Kim (an award-winning social entrepreneur and New Zealand diplomat) explain that it was during a chance conversation at Wellington Airport where the two friends discovered they shared a dream to create a new era of quality children's media using the latest newest technology. It was from this idea that Nabee Productions was born.

Nabee's first book "My Sister's Not Like Other Sisters" is a heartfelt story, aimed at 3-9 year olds, about the beautiful and inextricable (albeit sometimes frustrating!) bond between sisters. The book uses word-highlighted narration to aid visual-auditory word recognition. While reading, each word doubles-up as a playback button so children can tap to hear the word again. Using interaction-based storytelling, Nabee has incorporated a range of animation buttons and creative tasks for complete immersion into the heart of the story.

The iPad book app, "My Sister Not Like Other Sisters", is now available on the Apple App Store.

The Nabee team are now looking to translate their first book into key foreign languages and are working on the second book in the series called "My Cake Is Better Than Your Cake" to be released later in 2012.

My Sister's Not Like Other Sisters 1.0.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category.

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