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Developer: Holatastic Pte Ltd
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Singapore start-up Holatastic Pte Ltd, a three-man outfit comprising former college mates, launched today their iOS version of the social media search application Kurrants. This is the first time such a service is available on multiple platforms, namely iOS, Android and web browser-based.

"Kurrants is a personal social media search engine that puts the power of the crowd in your hands," enthused Holatastic founding member Song Young, 35. "These days, you can get a pulse on what people are saying about practically anything by plugging in to individual social network websites. But it can be a time-consuming, hit and miss affair digging for relevant content." The beauty of Kurrants is that it aggregates all the online talk on your search topic and serves it up to you pronto on your mobile gadget.

"Basically, if people are talking about it, with Kurrants, you're going to know about it. This is a search tool that literally takes the sweat out of online research. Kurrants streamlines the search process and pools all the discussions on your search topic from various social media. With Kurrants, users gain access to the heart of discussions because the search focuses on social media content which is typically off-limits with search engines like Google or Yahoo. Kurrants promises users ease-of-use, speed, relevancy and results that are up-to-date. It's a potent combination!" said Young.

How Kurrants works:
Kurrants is a social media aggregator and a search tool that searches for key words and hashtags in users' posts in social media. To look up a subject matter, simply key in the search term and hit 'search'. The app instantly accesses the most current discussions and opinions on the user's search term. Users can further filter search results by their preferred social media. For example, a user can select to only mine the discussions on Twitter for instance.

* Integration with Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr (Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest soon to follow)
* Search via keywords or hashtags
* Searching of posts with texts and images.
* Filter search results by social media
* Saving of favourite posts

Kurrants 1.3 is only Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. It is also as well as web-based. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

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