Lavu Lite Enters the Market with Low-Cost Point of Sale System for Restaurants

Lavu Lite | Point of Sale (AppStore Link)
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Lavu Lite | Point of Sale
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Lavu Lite - POS System for Restaurants

Lavu Lite makes switching to a POS system a cost-effective alternative for small restaurants.

Software developers Lavu Inc. today announced the release of Lavu Lite — a single terminal, simplified version of their popular iPad point of sale. Many small business owners could previously not afford the features and management tools of a full-featured POS solution, and still run only a cash register — but wish they had more control of their business and access to modern technologies.

“We wanted to make a point of sale solution available to every business, regardless of their budget. It was important to us to offer a solution with powerful features generally associated with expensive upscale solutions, yet at a cost that smaller businesses could afford. With no upfront licensing fees and the lowest monthly hosting fees, we have hit our mark,” said Andy Lim, CEO for Lavu Inc.

A software option with such a powerful feature set and back of house control was not previously attainable for many businesses who only require a single terminal. The upfront cost is low because the software license is free. In addition, monthly rates start at $39  plus 1.95% flat rate credit card processing. Combined, this makes this POS an option for smaller merchants and allows them to retire their outgrown, outdated cash registers. 

These rates are made possible through Lavu's recent integration with the SAIL by VeriFone payment-as-service platform. With no transaction fee and a low rate of 1.95%, plus no upfront cost for software licensing, the cost of running a powerful point of sale is now worth considering for smaller merchants, many of whom still only use a cash register. "The SAIL platform delivers a flexible payment experience that Lavu is leveraging to provide the level of security and reliability that businesses and consumers have come to expect from VeriFone," said Brian Hamilton, vice president of SMB Commerce with VeriFone.

Lavu Lite is considered a “full-featured” point of sale because, unlike other card processing iPad terminals on the market, Lavu Lite has advanced functions that help a small business stay efficient. A few features offered with the Lavu Lite product include:

  • multiple service types include table, tab, and quick serve
  • employee timecards with clock in / clock out
  • detailed item modifier system
  • comprehensive reports
  • kitchen printing

"Our main goal is to help the customer. Smaller businesses can now consider using a POS system rather than a cash register. We will give them better tools to better their business," reports Andy Lim, CEO of Albuquerque based Lavu Inc.

Lavu Lite was designed for the quick serve market, as well as for smaller restaurants and bars. Since the limit is a single terminal per location, the business models best suited for Lavu Lite would be coffee shops, bakeries, smaller pubs, and restaurants who can run all orders through a single device. Users of POS Lavu would notice that many of the same functions are included in Lavu Lite, although some advanced features have been omitted to keep operations simple.

“What makes this so appealing to merchants is the immediate setup: you can sign up for an account and begin accepting credit cards right away. You can even key in transactions until your free SAILpay card swipe arrives,” said Travis Kellerman, VP of Operations at Lavu Inc.

Lavu Lite is available in the Apple App Store for iPad, iPod, and iPhone. A 14-day free trial is available and recommended to ensure the product is a good match for the merchant.

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