Leaderboard Live Brings Easy, Real Time Scoring To Golfers

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Announcing that Sports Data Systems, Inc., the developer of myGolfstats, has released a brand new app for iPhone and iPad users. With Rave reviews for myGolfstats still on the lips of thousands of happy users, the engineers at Sports Data Systems, Inc. went straight to work on their next golfers' app. The result is Leaderboard Live 1.0, an innovative new app that brings real time scoring to golfers everywhere. Anyone with a connection can logon and see the leaderboard updated, in real time, from anywhere on the golf course.

Players, friends, family and fellow club members can easily follow updates on a leaderboard that looks exactly like the pro boards on television. Results are viewable on any iOS device and, thanks to this new technology, can even be watched on the clubhouse TV.

Leaderboard Live Features Include:
* Simple, fast, and easy to use
* Real Time scoring right on your iOS device
* Database includes 15,000 courses to choose from
* My Group feature lets you quickly create a match with your regular group
* Create a match within a match with Match Cards
* Watch the Leaderboard from anywhere on the course, even on the clubhouse TV
* Record your stats and upload them to the website and your personal page

Once they set up and name their match, users are ready to play a round and watch their names climb the leaderboard. Features like Match Cards and My Group make the matches easy to set up quickly.

The My Group feature is tailor made for golfers that have a regular group. Once a user adds a group to the app, a new match is always ready to go for that group, without setting up anything else.

Match Cards let users set up a friendly competition with other players, in addition to the match they're currently engaged in. That means users can set up a match within a match, going head to head with one or more of competitors.

The app allows for individual scoring, and includes popular games, such as Scramble and Best Ball. For serious golfers, Leaderboard Live also lets users record stats, such as Driving Accuracy, Greens in Regulation, Scrambles, Sandies, Putts and Score. These stats can be uploaded to the website and the user's personal page, allowing them to track their progress over time and strengthen their game.

This app is expected explode onto both the professional and amateur golf circuits, and may even outpace downloads of myGolfstats, which held a long standing place in the top 10% of all golf apps.

Leaderboard Live 1.0 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

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