Over In The Meadow Helps Kids Learn Counting and Numbers Through Singing

Over In The Meadow: A Singalong Song For Kids (AppStore Link)
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Over In The Meadow: A Singalong Song For Kids
Developer: Tiger Stripes LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Over In The Meadow: Sing Your Numbers features three unique games and an immersive sing-along that could pass for full-fledged apps in themselves.

The most impressive game is an under the sea game that asks questions and looks for the user to find the answer. Similar to an immersive "Where's Waldo", it is great for learning how to count and exploring under the sea. Another favorite game is a building ships scene. There are five fuzzy creatures trying to get off an island and back to the meadow. It is up to you to build rafts, boats and sailboats to get across to the other side!

The third game has a focus on counting and learning numbers. There are a group of friendly critters that are caught in the desert and it is up to you to help them get back to the lush green meadow. Using catapults, hot-air balloons and giant springs, help launch the animals to safety!

The sing-along is magical as it takes one of the best nursery songs and makes it into an interactive experience. Within several counting scenes there are hours and hours of excitement perfect for those restless toddlers looking to cruise underneath a restaurant table. Wherever you are in the app, everything on the screen is touchable and fully interactive. Opening the door to adventure, Tiger Stripes has refreshed the loveable nursery song and created a full-fledged learning experience.

Designed specifically for Early Learning, Tiger Stripes makes exciting games for children that are instructive, musical and guilt free. Relax for a moment while one of your favorite nursery songs is sung to your child in an educational, fun and tasteful environment.

Over In The Meadows: Sing Your Numbers 1.0 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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