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Tomo Seaport
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Parents who want to help their children learn key developmental skills while they enjoy endless hours of fun and adventure, can now download the unique family- friendly interactive learning app Tomo Seaport 1.0 for iOS.

As the newest installment in the popular Tomo series of interactive learning apps from developer That's Junior, Tomo Seaport whisks children away to a wondrous seaport, where they learn how to spot and collect over 50 everyday objects, and discover each object's purpose and function through sight and sound. Along the way, they become friends with the app's loveable and unique characters, including: walruses, jellyfishes, whales, squids, pelicans, and more.

And when children are ready for a change of scenery, they simply tap the "Screen Change Button" and dive deep below the sea for a magical aquatic adventure that features even more objects to spot and collect. And to keep things lively and fun, there's entertaining sound effects and exciting music courtesy of Tomo Seaport's own music group: the Jellyfish Rock and Roll Band.

"Tomo Seaport does so much more than help children notice different everyday objects in their surroundings - which is a fundamental skill that will help them succeed as they grow and develop - but it's also a world of imagination, excitement, adventure and fun!" commented the CEO of That's Junior. "Children won't even realize that they're learning. They'll be too busy spotting new and interesting objects, and making friends with the app's loveable characters. With so much to do, see and hear, children will never get bored of Tomo Seaport. It's fun for the whole family!"

Tomo Seaport, the new family-friendly interactive learning app that helps children learn while they're heaving fun, is available now in the App Store.

Tomo Seaport 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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