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Essay Writing Workstation
Developer: Niles Technology Group, Inc.
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Niles Technology essay apps are the first mobile apps to teach students the concept of Think First, Write Second where they approach writing as a critical thinking process. For the iPad and iPhone, Niles Apps methodically guide students step-by-step thru the development of their ideas, and students learn that a well-written essay is really the logical progression of tightly-woven ideas. Buy Niles Technology apps and get your students and children thinking and writing extra sharp.

"Students struggle with words and sentences when they write essays. However, in reality, they should be struggling with ideas," says Michael A. Niles, president of Niles Technology Group. "It is disconcerting that so much emphasis is initially placed on formatting and the number of paragraphs and way too little on the actual thought process of writing. That is why our motto of 'Think First, Write Second' is the first thing we tell students, and the puzzled look on many faces tells us this is the first time they heard it put so bluntly. Students are equally surprised to learn that sentences come near the end of the writing process, not in the beginning or even the middle."

Niles writing apps are unique because they do not focus on formatting; they focus solely on the thinking process of writing. Simply put, there is no point in students formatting and trying to write about illogical, ill-formed ideas. One effective way to reduce student writing frustration is to make sure students fully understand about what they want to write and why they want to write it. It is easier to choose the correct words and to develop that fluid sentence if one understands the what and the why one wants to convey to the reader. Niles writing apps are key to teaching the formulation of ideas prior to writing.

Parents, teachers and schools are discovering the efficacy of Niles Technology apps. Each month, school volume purchases of the apps increase, which indicates that the use of mobile technology in schools is becoming more commonplace. Parents are also catching on because Essay Workstation 2.1 is the No. 1 gifted app in the Niles inventory. Middle School Writing 1.0 and High School Writing 3.0 are virtually tied as solid No. 2 bestsellers, with both parents and schools purchasing the apps.

Essay Writing Workstation 2.1 is $24.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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