Lemon Minder: Car Problems Tracker for iPhone

Lemon Minder: Car Problems Tracker (AppStore Link)
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Lemon Minder: Car Problems Tracker
Developer: Unreal Mojo Ltd
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Unreal Mojo announces immediate availability of Lemon Minder 1.1, its utility for the iPhone. Lemon Minder is simple and functional organizer of issues with your car (or lemon, heh). Don't occupy your mind with irrelevant things... until you come to the car service shop, that is.

Discovered a scratch on the door? The license plate bulb is out of order? Don't fill your brain with all that - simply launch Lemon Minder, find an appropriate spot on the schematic car display and hold your finger on it for a few seconds.

This app was born because we often forget about various little things about our car right at the time when we come to a service shop. One of the Lemon Minder developers couldn't replace the anti-fog light bulb for 4 months even though he was in a car service shop twice during that period. Does that sound familiar to you?

This is why it's easier to mark an issue and forget about it until you come to the repair shop. You can also add a photo ("here's that pesky scratch!") or record some sound ("Bob, listen to these engine sounds!").

For better visualization of the issues on your car you can choose from one of three types of vehicles - SUV, hatchback or sedan. Full list of issues can be viewed at once on a separate screen and you can also mail it out at any time. And of course, you can always mark off fixed issues so they don't stick out any more.

We have made a simple app for a simple task. Nothing more, nothing less. Try it yourself because if you don't fill up your mind with little things, you can do a lot more. Radically more.

Lemon Minder 1.1, normally $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies), is free for one week and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. The app is able to track more than one car via an in-app purchase.

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