Lets get on the fun battle with the crazed dogs! Crazy Dogs for iPhone

Crazy Dogs® (AppStore Link)
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Crazy Dogs®
Developer: myohyun han
Price: free Download on the App Store

Here's a kick-ass battle game where some human-looking dogs have gone crazy. GameKore today is proud to introduce Crazy Dogs 1.0 for iOS. This game has been developed by one developer for 2 years, from programing to creating the characters and all the graphics. The game follows the story of a quiet planet of dogs, thrown into chaos when attacks from alien intruders suddenly happen out of nowhere, and of Jin's long quest to find his kidnapped daughter.

Suddenly, this peaceful X-planet was attacked by unidentified creatures.
They destroyed everything the dogs loved, driving them mad.Jin's dangerous, long quest to find his kidnapped daughter. Fight off all the enemies with powerful action and customized weapons.

Game features thrilling actions with free movements:
* You can fight them with kick-ass actions like jumping, rolling, and shooting

Powerful weapons:
* Pistol, rifle, shotgun, explosive weapons, etc.
* Customize and upgrade 40 different kinds of weapons
* 90 different kind of gun accessories enhancing quality of guns

Enhancement items:
* Add 60 different kinds of defense mechanisms to incapacitate the enemies

Rescue the land of dogs:
* Save the land of dogs in 20 different maps from all the enemies. maps will be updated regularly

Battle with the enemies:
* The dogs have many enemies, each one unique....and you can fight them all!

Other features:
* Optimized best for the iPhone5,the iPad, and the Retina
* Game center support

The app is free to download to play, but you can buy items within the game.

I'd like Crazy Dogs to be played by many people. Do you think you can write a review about my game?

Crazy Dogs 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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