Let's Hear the Animals! Fun Animal Matching App For Pre-School Kids

Let's Hear The Animals!

Lets Hear the Animals: An Educational Animal Matching Application For Pre-School Children

Let's Hear the Animals! for iOS, an Educational app recently released by independent developer Michael Sheehan, allows pre-school children to view animal photos, hear the name of the animal, and/or hear the sound the animal makes.

The app features a photo Gallery of all 38 animals including high-resolution, fullscreen color photos of all the different animals, multi-photo screens where two or more sounds can be heard simultaneously, easy touch controls for Names and Sounds, and a variable difficulty memory match game, where kids turn over two cards and try to match the animal photo. Ideal for young children who are learning to recognize animals, the app's simple navigation and dramatic close-up photos will capture the attention of any child.

On launch, Let's Hear the Animals! displays a scrolling animal gallery, selecting an animal displays the photograph as a fullscreen images, whilst at the same time the name of the animal is spoken aloud by an adult female announcer. The photos are retina screen quality, and include extreme close-up and medium shots. Animals are captured in their natural environment, and each photo evokes a feeling for the animal and nature as well as serving the purposes of recognition and learning. Touching the photo plays a five-second recording of the sound the animal makes.

Match the Animal Photos with the Sounds

Let's Hear the Animals is presented in both English and Spanish, and upon completing all 38 animal identifications in English, the user is given the opportunity to continue in Spanish with the touch of a button. An entertaining matching game is also included, which helps to reinforce recognition through drill and develops short-term memory skills. Kids can match 2 facedown cards from an array of 6, 12, or 24 cards. Best times for each level are displayed at the start of each game.

The high-resolution photos appear very lifelike on iOS displays. The name of the animal is printed in the top right or left of each screen, and touching the name causes the Name button to change color and the name to be spoken aloud. This aids young children to begin to understand the relationship between the photographic depictions, written words, spoken words and the animals themselves.

Gaining mastery over recognition of all 38 animals will inspire children to interact with an additional 13 screens, which are arrangements of four or more animals on one screen. Here kids can compare the names and appearances of animals and listen to all their animal sounds at the same time.

Let's Hear the Animals! includes sounds from the following animals:

Parrot, Dolphin, Monkey, Rattlesnake, Seal, Hyena, Killer Whale, Humpback Whale, Bee, Cicadas, Pig, Elephant (adult+child), Horse, Wolf, Crow, Crickets, Owl, Chimpanzee, Cow, Tiger, Lion, Frog, Kittens, Rooster, Elephant, Geese, Black Bear, Bear Cub, Woodpecker, Cheetah, Cuckoo, Donkey, Mosquito, Sheep, Crocodile, Goat, Duck, Dog, Rhinoceros.

Feature Highlights of Let's Hear the Animals:

⇒ Pre-school kids can see and hear 38 different animals
⇒ Kids hear both the name of the animal and the sound it makes
⇒ Touch any picture in the Gallery to view it fullscreen
⇒ Touch any fullscreen photo to hear a recording of that animal
⇒ Touch the Name of the animal to hear it spoken aloud
⇒ Bi-lingual app works in both English and Spanish
⇒ Universal application displays perfectly on all iOS devices
⇒ Memory match game played with animal cards

"My children love animals and they love playing with my iPhone," stated developer Michael Sheehan. "I hope that many children will enjoy and learn from playing with the applications I develop."

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