LifeTicker Pro 2.1.1 on iOS-Countdown Time to Every Event Simultaneously

LifeTicker Lite - Ultimate Countdown Event Reminder & Life Analytics! (AppStore Link)
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LifeTicker Lite - Ultimate Countdown Event Reminder & Life Analytics!
Developer: Novitet d.o.o.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Novitet today is pleased to announce LifeTicker Pro 2.1.1 for iOS, an update to its lifestyle app that lets users create Tickers - running, digital clocks - that count down the time in Years/Months/Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds until an upcoming event. With a user-selected thumbnail photo, Tickers are horizontal strips that can be stacked into a list, grouped & categorized, scrolled through, and armed to provide an alert/notification. In addition to counting down, Tickers can also be set to count up - clocking time since an event, and users can add their own organizing categories to those that are built in. LifeTicker also includes a special timestamp feature, which lets users share a full-screen Ticker photo with the name of its goal and its digital timer both overlaid. The 2.1.1 upgrade offers improved performance and an enhanced UI.

Feature Highlights:
* It's alive - ticking all the time
* Unlimited number of Tickers- birthdays, events, and big dates
* Ticks in Years/Months/Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds
* Refreshing simplicity
* Two step functionality- type in and track
* Great funky design
* Useful for private & business purposes
* Count ups and Count downs in one app
* Notifications
* Add a photo to each Ticker
* Creating and reordering of categories
* Hide Hours, Seconds, Minutes by sliding them right off the screen, if not needed
* Tap twice on a Ticker to change its color, and make it stand out when composited onto a photograph, which can be shared via email, Twitter, or Facebook

Ask Mr. Spock, "How long till your next scheduled physical?" An answer like "In a few months," would be unthinkable. No, Spock would immediately reply, "Four months, two weeks, three days, 18 hours, 13 minutes, and 26 seconds." LifeTicker Pro is the app that brings Spock-like logic and order to the lives of those with iDevices. Users may not absolutely require such a high level of precision in tracking life-events, past and future, but having that information at their fingertips confers a sense of organization and self-confidence that brings unanticipated benefits.

Built-in Ticker Categories:
* Birthday/Age: Tracking Age and Birthdays of All Your Family Members, Friends, Co-Workers
* Anniversary: Wedding, Baptizing, Moving-ins, Dating
* Private: Pregnancy, Pet, Car, Exam, Date, Going Out, Vacation, Private Trips
* Business: Deadlines, Trainings, Meetings, To Do's, Business Trips
* Health: Taking Medicine, Dentist, Doctor Checkup, Blood Test
* Contracts & Bills: Telephone, Car, Rent, Bank
* Events: Sports, Concerts, Barbeques, Parties, Weddings, Celebrations

LifeTicker Pro provides continuous readout life-analytics. It is actually a screen app, which tells users how old they are right now, how long they are in a marriage/relationship, how long have they have been working at their current job, and how long have they have been living at their current residence. It is visible everywhere and everytime, exact to the second.

"Once you start looking at your TickerList every day, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it," commented Igor Cutura of Novitet. "On a single screen are all your appointments and plans, personal and professional, each with its own digital countdown. LifeTicker Pro offers the ultimate countdown event reminder & life analytics."

LifeTicker Pro 2.1.1 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. A free version of the app, LifeTicker Lite 1.0, is also available.

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