Logos Quiz + Football Shirts = Kit Quiz for iOS

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Kit Quiz
Developer: Leon Weinreb
Price: free Download on the App Store

Inspired by the success of the excellent and universally loved Logos Quiz, blackstrawman presents Kit Quiz for iOS. A super-simple game featuring five levels of shirts - each lovingly hand-drawn by a talented designer - make for a surprisingly compelling game. The beautiful replicas of the best, worst, and most memorable teams across international football history will haunt any football fan with their unforgettable, yet somehow forgettable, familiarity.

Remember England at Euro 96? Gascoigne's goal? THAT shirt. Brazil 70? Spain 2010? USA 94 (stars all over it in that inimitably American way)? Each shirt - or at least some of them - will bring back happy memories and open old wounds of summers past.
blackstrawman's debut app, Kit Quiz is absolutely free, a gift to the football-loving universe that spawned it. In-app purchases are also offered for any enthusiasts.

Drawing on international football history right up to and including Euro 2012, Kit Quiz is steeped in the universal love of football, and open to everyone who has a little too much time on their hands. Or who likes extended toilet visits. Or who travels a lot. Or who has a peculiarly low-key sense of fun. Come to think of it, Kit Quiz is remarkably flexible as a time-filler. Come see how many you remember.

Kit Quiz 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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  • Steve

    Draws you in and keeps you hooked - I had no idea how many shirts I knew! Very simple, very fun: recommended