Long awaited Penguin Wings 2 is released for free

Penguin Wings 2 (AppStore Link)
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Penguin Wings 2
Developer: InfiApps Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Developer InfiApps is proud to announce the release of Penguin Wings 2 for iOS. After 2.5 million downloads of Penguin Wings, the amazing new sequel is finally here. In the new sequel, the coolest penguin on earth must escape the evil vulture by sliding down hills and using his wings to fly as fast as he can through remarkable game worlds such as Antarctica, Mars, Sahara, and New York. The penguin uses disguises, but the evil vulture recognizes the penguin and skydives after him. Check out the official trailer.

Game play is extremely simple: speed the penguin downhill by pressing anywhere on the screen, and stop pressing while going uphill to make the penguin fly. The game lets you disguise your penguin with countless combinations of shirts, hats, sunglasses and even flags!

Penguin Wings 2 includes 80 levels of non-stop fun, in which players collect Penguin Coins to buy new penguins, upgrades and powerups like the Super Rocket that launches the penguin into the sky. By using Multiplayer mode, players can also play against others in a real-time tournament competition.

Penguin Wings 2 (v1.0) is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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  • http://www.kiwitech.com Daniel Jones

    I have been a great fan of Penguin Wings, its a nice app to pass time on my iPad.
    Penguin Wings 2 seems good with improved graphics and lot of levels to play.