Look What US Congress Is Getting for Christmas! The Ultimate iPhone Wallet, iLIDmk-1! New.

iLIDmk-1 iPhone Cases

The team from iLIDmk-1 is saying Merry Christmas Congress by gifting the politicians with new iPhone cases.

After another tumultuous and at times bruising year for the US Congress, a little joy is heading its way courtesy of iLID iPhone wallet to brighten up a year many would care to forget.

The team from iLIDmk-1 iPhone cases has decided that the best way to lighten the load on our burdened congressmen & women, is to send some of their much sought after iPhone wallets their way.

Made from tough polycarbonate material and at only 17mms thin, the iLIDmk-1 holds two cards, cash and key. Allowing the user to streamline their everyday carry. 

The iLID team thought sharing the good feeling around would be the best tonic for a battle wearied Congress.

The ultimate gift this Christmas, Pre orders are now being offered at http://www.ilidiphonecase.com with early supporters also receiving a limited edition “world's thinnest 1gb USB stick” as a thank you for helping with the launch of the product.

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