LotteryTicket Now Available For US Mega Millions - State Lotteries Soon

LotteryTicket - Automatic Alerts For Your 4D, TOTO & Sweep Results (AppStore Link)
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LotteryTicket - Automatic Alerts For Your 4D, TOTO & Sweep Results
Developer: Edencr8 Pte Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

June has seen Edenpod Apps release a new version of their iOS app, LotteryTicket, which now checks US Mega Millions results automatically and alerts users with the results via a push notification or email on the draw date. This will be useful for people who tend to forget about checking their Mega Millions results or who find it troublesome to check their numbers against the results every time.

LotteryTicket is an easy to use app - simply key in your ticket number into the app and choose the draw date. When the results are out, the user receives an automatic push alert notifying whether the ticket numbers entered into the app have won a prize.

In addition, the app also offers premium features like the 'Number Predictor' & 'Ticket Analyzer'. The Number Predictor is the app's version of 'Quick Pick' & provides the system's picks for the next draw. It uses historical data to pick the numbers that have the highest probability of winning.

The Ticket Analyzer allows users to check how many times their favorite or lucky numbers have won in the past in order to make the process of picking lottery numbers easier.

The app has been popular in Singapore for some time and, along with the new premium features, now offers support for the Singapore TOTO lottery in addition to the already existing Singapore Sweep & Singapore 4D.

"We have always heard of stories about people forgetting to check their lottery numbers or checking them incorrectly and losing out on big money. We decided to create an app to solve this problem as apps have continuously been growing in popularity with more people now on their mobile devices than ever", commented Winston Chan of Edenpod Apps. "The main purpose of LotteryTicket is to make the whole lottery process that much easier for everyone."

People who are frequent visitors of lottery retailers can download LotteryTicket 2.0 for free. It is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.

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