Love Gears: A Game Designed to Deliver a Unique Concept of Game Play

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Love Gears
Developer: Oryx Games Inc.
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Jokerware LLC announces Love Gears 1.1, a new game for both iOS and Android devices. Love Gears is a unique gear-simulation puzzle game designed to be amazingly challenging and addictively fun with its 54 different levels, colorful graphics and funny characters and animation.

Love Gears shows the story of three little monsters who wonder how their parents met; the main mission is to solve the puzzle by reconnecting gears in order to hitch monster mom with monster dad and eventually show these little monsters the true adventure behind their creation!

The first few levels are mostly basic and designed so that the player gets hold of the game, but they get more challenging as the game goes further. Gears will differ in their shapes, position and movement which will make solving higher levels a bit tricky especially when three hearts are to be earned. The fewer moves used in solving the puzzle, the more hearts are gained!

Love Gears has 54 addictively fun levels, which will attract players once they start playing and are encouraging to go all the way till the end.

The game has a very friendly user interface with the ability to reset the game or restart levels. The graphics and animation are pretty amusing as well. For its low price players can get 54 challenging levels and host of fun characters. It also has a sound track that makes playing the game a fun experience.

"The game was designed to deliver a unique concept of game play. With the diversity of games available on both the IOS and Android markets, players tend to choose a game that is unique, fresh, affordable, fun and challenging; Love Gears combines all," said Naser Abdulghani Founder and CEO of Jokerware LLC.

Love Gears 1.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. The app is also available for Android.

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