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Lucky Birds City (AppStore Link)
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Lucky Birds City
Developer: Articul Media
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Lucky Birds Game for iPhoneArticul Media is launching their new arcade, action and puzzle game Lucky Birds in the Apple App Store. Lucky Birds is currently compatible with the iPhone3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S with iOS 4.3 or later.

Featuring three Lucky Birds — Sneaky Sparrow, Dull Pigeon and Big Crow — the goal is to safely get these birds home before night falls, otherwise they might not be so lucky after all. Lucky Birds love to land on telephone wires but must be very careful not to fall to the ground. 

Gameplay consists of flying the Lucky Birds to their homes by launching the birds off of the telephone wires. Users must change the bird's trajectory to correctly aim and reach the home targets for the feathered characters. Along the way, the birds can collect bonuses, keys, teleport, open doors and much more.

The three types of Lucky Birds differ in weight and personalities, a grumpy bird may refuse to sit next to its friends and birds in a hurry may be set to a timer.

As the levels rise in difficulty, there are three different types of wires that the Lucky Birds can land on — regular, worn-out, and hot. Regular wires can be used any number of times, however, the worn-out wires can only be landed on three times or it will break and one should never land on a hot wire or you will get burned.

Lucky Birds is available now for iPhone in the App Store. iPad and Android versions are currently in development.

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