Mad Dragon-Energetic Runner Full of Character and Unique Features on iOS

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Mad Dragon
Developer: Chih-Ying Chiu
Price: free Download on the App Store

Mad Dragon 1.1, a new physics-based endless running game by Cycleplay is now available free on the App Store. The energetic world of Mad Dragon is packed with crates and buildings to smash into. There are balloons to pop, goblin foot soldiers charging toward you, thief goblins trying to run away from you, lazy goblins sleeping at post and big goblins carrying bombs. The goal is to collect as many coins, cause as much damages and run as far as you can. The game will end when the dragon hits a bomb but you have 3 chances to revive your dragon with a potion.

The game set itself apart from the typical endless runner with inventive aspects such as the flight bar and anger bar. The flight bar will depletes when flying, and refills as you run. Attacking goblins will fill up the anger bar, when it's full the dragon breathe fire.

The score is determined by the rampage you have done and the distance. Doing damages can fill up the score multiplier and help you achieve a higher score. There are power ups to collect for example the 'Taunt' will shake down all the buildings on screen and lure a group of goblins toward you. All abilities can be upgraded making your dragon more powerful.

Another unique part of the game is customization. There are many colors, headgears, claws and tails to unlock for the dragon. Also plenty of items are available for the players to decorate their own dragon cave.

Feature Highlights:
* Addictive physics-based gameplay
* Simple 1 tap control
* Compete with friends and others on leaderboard
* Over 70 challenging achievements
* Daily missions
* Customize your dragon appearance with unique looks
* Customize your cave with cool items
* Upgrade your dragon abilities
* Share your progress on Facebook and Twitter
* iPad retina support
* iPhone 5 support
* Beautiful hand drawn artworks

Mad Dragon 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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