Magzter Launches App Bringing Top Magazines to Newsstand

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Magzter – Magazine & Book Store
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Magzter Inc. that owns Magzter - The Global Digital and Mobile Magazine Store and Newsstand today announced that it has started adding its client magazines onto Apple's latest iOS5 Newsstand.

Magzter just launched iOS5 Newsstand-compatible magazine apps for India Today, the largest selling English magazine publication from India and for Galatta Cinema, one of India's popular movie magazines both of which cater to the 200 million Indians who read English language magazines in India and overseas.

Publishers can just sign up on Magzter's website at and with Magzter's FREE upload option for paid magazines, they can have their magazines sell across platforms. Publishers who sign up on Magzter now also have the option to make their magazines available on Apple's newsstand, giving them more visibility and increased sales.

By doing this, Magzter has doubled its own app downloads and it expects to further increase exponentially as more titles are added by Magzter on the Apple newsstand. This also showcases Magzter's cutting-edge technology prowess by making Magzter the 1st global digital magazine store with Apple Newsstand support for its publishers.

Magzter has currently more than 100 magazine titles on its own newsstand and was one of the sponsors of the FIPP World Magazine Congress held at Delhi last week. During the FIPP WMC Magzter signed up more than 100 International magazine titles including titles from USA, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy and France.

Magzter — Magazine store is growing exponentially since its launch just 14 weeks ago and is being touted as a boon for both publishers and magazine readers alike since they are a self-service publishing platform that caters to all magazines globally and helps publishers go digital at no cost to them. Magzter works on a revenue share model for paid magazines and a per-delivery model for free magazines.

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