Marche for iPhone and iPad Lets Users Sync and Share Shopping Lists

Grocery List - Marche (AppStore Link)
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Grocery List - Marche
Developer: YunaSoft Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Grocery shopping has been made easier with the new Marche app by Yunasoft Inc. Marche, a grocery list app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, now enables users to print their shopping lists, comes pre-loaded with over 1,700 common grocery items and features 800 more grocery items available to French users.

Marche also now offers the ability to create a pie chart to give users a quick glance at how their money is being spent by displaying the ratio for each category. For example, a user could, at a glance, pull up a chart that displays they have spent 35% on meat, 10% on alcohol, 15% on dairy, etc.

Marche, which is named for the French word for "Market," combines aesthetics, ease-of-use and convenience to help shoppers build and share their weekly grocery lists. Marche uses Yunasoft's powerful database and predictive text technology to minimize time required for typing and list building.

With Marche's Template feature, users can group items together instead of adding individual items to their shopping list. For example, a template could be created for a Beef Stew recipe, which would include the common ingredients of celery, beef, onions and parsley. On "Beef Stew Day," dad simply needs to add the Beef Stew Template and all ingredients are automatically included on the shopping list.

The feature many users of mobile list-making apps request is the ability to sync and share lists with others. Marche makes sharing lists simple. When enlisting help with their shopping errands, Marche users can send their shopping list via email or SMS, or by syncing with the app's dedicated server. When synced with the server, other users can simply access the list from their own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

In order to reduce confusion, users can add notes to their lists so friends or family members who help with the shopping will know exactly what to buy. To further reduce the possibility of purchasing errors, users have the option of organizing their list by aisle.

Marche 1.2 features include:
- More than 1,700 common grocery list items, plus 800 new items for French users
- New advanced cost chart to track spending over time
- New ability to print shopping lists via AirPrint
- Shopping timer which tracks the time spent on a shopping trip
- Grocery search with instant results
- Ability to maintain multiple shopping lists
- Text notes to provide custom descriptions for each list
- Custom actions for single tap, long-press, swipe and more
- Automatic tracking of recently added items
- The ability to organize products by aisle
- Simple sharing of lists via email, SMS, or by syncing with the Marche server
- Calculation of shopping total for each list
- Designated number pad
- Disable auto sleep option so the app is always onscreen while shopping

"The Marche user interface is intuitive, attractive, and extremely easy to use and navigate," says Robert Kwon, CEO of YunaSoft. "With its extensive database of grocery items, coupled with predictive text technology, users typically only have to type two or three characters into their list before being presented with a dropdown list containing the item they wish to add. In the event that an item is not already in the database, it is automatically added when the user manually types it into the list."

With Marche, users can build multiple lists at the same time, making it much easier for bargain hunters who visit several stores in a single shopping trip. Users can now maintain a separate list for each store, and have them all in one place instead searching for the right handwritten list at each store they visit. Additionally, the app makes it possible to build a separate shopping list for each recipe in a family's weekly menu plan.

Marche 1.2 is available for a limited time for US$.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. A free version of Marche, which limits users to one shopping list and does not enable list-sharing, has also been just launched in the App Store.

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