MarginNote Reader Lets Users Annotate Documents and Sync to Evernote

MarginNote Pro - Improve your reading and study by creating organized flash cards (AppStore Link)
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MarginNote Pro - Improve your reading and study by creating organized flash cards
Developer: Sun Min
Price: $5.99 Download on the App Store

Students, educators, consultants, scientists, and all other users who need a smarter way to capture, organize and review their notes can now get everything they need - and plenty of extra features like seamless Evernote syncing and more - by downloading the must-have new no-cost iPad productivity app MarginNote Reader from Sun Min.

With its refreshingly simple and easy-to-use interface, MarginNote Reader empowers users to effortlessly add handwritten, typed and highlighted/annotated notes within the margins of their PDFs, ePub and saved documents. Plus, users aren't limited to just one style of note. They can blend handwriting, typing and highlighting/annotation to suit their needs and preferences.

Other key MarginNote Reader special features include:
* Seamless syncing with Evernote
* The power to organize notes by outline and mindmap integration
* The ability to create outlines of important note files, in order to easily and quickly find specific points without having to scroll through their entire document
* The option to export markup and notes in print-ready format
* The capacity to store notes on the iPad or in the Cloud

Plus, users will find an array of helpful tips, including: how to take better notes so they can perform better in the classroom and at work, how to get relevant information by asking the right questions, how to supplement the learning process through effective note taking, and more.

"Other productivity apps don't let users see their notes and their main document text at the same time," commented developer Min Sun. "However, MarginNote Reader is totally different and completely better! Now, users can see their notes and main document text all at once, without having to deal with distracting or annoying pop-ups. It's a fundamentally more intuitive and productive way to get anything done, whether at school or at work."

Added Sun Min: "MarginNote Reader also eliminates the need for users to lug around heavy, bulky textbooks and notebooks. All of their data is ready for them in one place, and users can organize and reorganize their notes with the swipe of a finger! This ease- of-use is one key difference between MarginNote and other note apps."

MarginNote 1.2.4, the new no-cost iPad productivity app that lets users effortlessly annotate and mindmap their PDF, ePub and saved docs, is $5.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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