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Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School
Developer: MassLight, Inc.2
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MassLight today released Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School 2.0.0, a major update to its immersive iPhone and iPad foreign language school app, which introduces multi-part lessons divided into reading, listening and with this release, speaking with voice recognition.

Reverse Lobotomy provides a completely immersive means of learning more than a dozen different languages. Users associate images with spoken phrases through touch, then speak the phrases themselves to build spoken languages skills. Spaced repetition of previous lessons ensures continuity while building memory and recognition.

In the eight months since the release of Reverse Lobotomy 1.0, available languages have grown from three to thirteen, and the number of available lessons per language from eight to thirty-six. With this release, users can purchase language passes granted unlimited access to all current and future lessons in each language.

Each language is presented by native speakers, no English is spoken. Users learn by immersing themselves in their chosen language, rapidly moving from single words to phrases and sentences. Each lesson builds upon vocabulary and concepts from previous lessons, helping the user build to increasingly complex interactions.

Reverse Lobotomy Foreign Language School 2.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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