Match Trek Arcade Features Popular Characters With All-New Artwork

Match Trek Arcade (AppStore Link)
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Match Trek Arcade
Developer: Robert Blackadder
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Six Foot Games today is proud to announce the release of Match Trek Arcade, the second game in the Match Trek series. Match Trek Arcade, a pair-matching game with a beat-the-clock element, is free to download at the App Store. It combines the familiar fun of matching games with unique time-based action, allowing players to beat their own times, race the clock and challenge their friends.

Challenge mode allows friends to compete against each other. Once a player has set a time they like, hitting the challenge button will email a friend the game and the time to beat. Beaten challenges can be sent back and forth between friends, increasing the difficulty each time. "Players get very competitive in this mode and we were surprised how low the times got. Some stages had times as low as one second!"

Games are broken down into categories based on difficulty. Players can choose different sized boards (from 2x4 to 4x6), change the speed of the reveal and select whether the timer counts up or down. The difficulty of each game is also influenced by the variety of objects or tokens that must be matched. The tokens featured in this release are a fun selection of monsters, potions and gems. There are also different sounds associated with each token type and colour. Listening carefully can help greatly increase the speed in which players make successful matches.

Match Trek Arcade features all new artwork and sees the return of many characters from the company's first title including "Boss Bull", "Captain Clem" and "Loki"."We wanted to create a game that catered to players who want a fast and fun experience that they can play whenever they have a spare moment," says developer Robert Blackadder. "During our beta testing we found players fell into two distinct camps: those who like fast games on small boards that they could clear very rapidly, and others who like big boards with a large variety of tokens and no pressure from the clock." No matter which group players belong to they can check their performance against others via the online leader-boards available for every game.

The "Just for Kids" category of games features fewer tokens, longer preview times and is tailored to be easy and fun for younger players. The "Are we there yet?" game has a high number of stages great for keeping little hands occupied in the car or grocery store.

Match Trek mini games include:

  • ABC: A sampling of games from all other categories
  • Beat the Clock: Race to clear the board before the timer runs out
  • Big Boards: Try to beat your own best time on games with the biggest boards
  • Endurance: Timed games where you get one shot at each size board, but if you can't clear a board in the time given, it's back to the beginning for you
  • No Pressure: All games here are in chill mode, where you can take as much time as you want, or try to beat your own time
  • Quest: No timed games here, but you have every size board, and lots and lots of stages to get through to make it to the end
  • Transport: many super quick stages make these games perfect for commuting on public transportation

Match Trek Arcade 1.0 is available worldwide through the App Store in the Games Category.

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