MDWorkout Delivers HD Fitness Videos from Expert Trainers, Coaches and MDs (AppStore Link)
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Developer: LifeApps LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

LifeApps Digital Media Inc. is pleased to announce that fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels who want the power of a customized, feature-filled workout companion on their iPhone or iPad, can now download the innovative new app MDWorkout 3.0.

"We've designed MDWorkout to be the best and most affordable workout companion for at home workouts, workouts on the road, and even in the gym," commented Jacquelyn Davis, Athlete and Marketing Manager at LifeApps Digital Media. "Whether someone is a performance athlete or simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle, MDWorkout is the simple, easy, fast and effective way to help make that happen. In fact, the content for the app was written and and demonstrated by sports physicians (MD), certified strength and conditioning coaches, top tier personal trainers and elite yoga Instructors."

Ideal for use at home, on the road or even at the gym, MDWorkout from LifeApps Digital Media features training protocols and charting in a variety of exercise modalities, including strength, yoga, core, cardio/conditioning, functional training, foam roller stretching, and tension workout bands. 

Plus, users can take advantage of the following unique features:

  • Hundreds of workout combinations to keep things fresh and interesting
  • Color-coded exercise categories that make balancing a workout as simple as comparing colors on the page
  • A special "My Routine" function to quickly and easily create customized workouts
  • The power to log and view workout history, including aggregated workout information for categories of exercises

In addition, MDWorkout offers easy-to-follow HD instructional videos of medical doctors, certified trainers and professional yoga instructors clearly explaining and demonstrating a variety of exercises. The app can help users save on bandwidth and allow them to enjoyably learn while they're away from a WiFi connection or hotspot, since all videos download directly to the iPhone or iPad so they can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

CEO of LifeApps Digital Media, Robert Gayman, also commented; "We are excited to be launching the completely new version of the previously top downloaded Health and Fitness App MDWorkout right before the holidays, as the best time to start a New Years resolution of a healthy diet and increased fitness is in December, before gaining additional weight often associated with the holiday festivities, parties and special foods." Whilst also describing the recent improvements to MDWorkout, "We built the new MDWorkout app after listening to our large base of previous MDWorkout app users and working with our highly qualified fitness experts to incorporate the new simple to use color coded icon based MDWorkout system, which allows users to easily personalize their workouts with 100 s of variations."

MDWorkout, the customized and feature-filled workout companion that offers expert advice, customization, aggregated workout tracking, social sharing and more, is available now from iTunes as a universal app for iPad and iPhone.

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