MeanFreePath launches Global Supremacy for iOS Devices

Global Supremacy – GPS Location-based Territorial War MMOG (AppStore Link)
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Global Supremacy – GPS Location-based Territorial War MMOG
Developer: MeanFreePath LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Tired of taking on anonymous "space marines" or conquering arcane worlds? Well, battle your neighbors and friends - right in your own backyard with Global Supremacy, a new location-based strategy game for iOS devices launching today for free on the App Store.

Developed by MeanFreePath, a top developer of location-based mobile games whose initial product, Turf Wars, remains one of the most popular GPS games since its launch four years ago, Global Supremacy is the first game to integrate real-world boundary data into its core gameplay mechanics. Data is sourced from a wide variety of organizations and companies, including the US Census, the UK's Ordnance Survey, the EU's UMS RIATE, and others.

"We were thrilled with the response to Turf Wars, and were fortunate to have an ardent community whose feedback was critical to the creation of Global Supremacy," says Nick Baicoianu, CEO of MeanFreePath. "With Global Supremacy, we have incorporated all that we learned from Turf Wars into a larger, more compelling game with greater gameplay balance and player interaction."

In the near future, corporations have become as powerful as nations, and have divided up the world into their own privately-run territories. You, a freshly-minted CEO, have been put in charge of your company's plan for world domination. Start by establishing a base in your actual neighborhood and expand further, forging alliances and destroying enemies until you reach your goal: Global Supremacy! It's Risk meets an MMOG with a GPS twist.

Key features include:
* All your bases are right there on the map so your neighbors can see you building your empire
* Build bases to expand your territory. Upgrade them to increase income, and arm your agents with weapons to protect what is yours
* Your reputation or Public Relations (PR) is critical to success. Attacking weaker opponents lowers your PR, and makes you more vulnerable in Disputes
* Like every successful empire, cash is king and you can increase your wealth from Disputes, by doing jobs and from base upgrades
* Over 90,000 real-world neighborhoods, cities, and regions, all visible on the Map
* Attack any player in the world, or any base within range of your location
* Traveling to other cities for work or vacation? Use that time to open your bases there and expand your empire
* Collaborate with friends and neighbors to form syndicates in your quest for Global Supremacy

Global Supremacy 1.01 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Follow the game on Twitter @gsupremacyapp or Like it on Facebook.

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