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Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow (AppStore Link)
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Puggy the Monster – Trial of Shadow
Developer: MegaCubic Entertainment, Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

MegaCubic Entertainment, a mobile game development company, is proud to announced today the release of its new iPhone game, Puggy the Monster - Trail of Shadow. It is a virtual pet game featuring a naughty little monster named Puggy, who has magical power to make things come alive.

Designed to attract both adults and children, Puggy the Monster blends pet adoption with interesting interaction scenarios and puzzle solving game play. The game allows players to adopt Puggy the Monster, interact with it using a variety of interesting objects, and enjoy its playful reactions. In addition, players can choose from various ninja outfits to dress up and customize their pets. 

An exciting Puzzle Bricks mini game is also included in the app. In order to pass the total 30 levels, players will need to plan the route to help Puggy avoid tricky obstacles and find the way out of the maze.

Another highlight of the game is Puggy also serves as a personal assistant that provides weather forecast, plays music from iPod, and reminds users of their current battery state. Furthermore, since Puggy is a monster residing in Japan, the game incorporates many elements from this beautiful country such as the iconic sakura (cherry blossoms) and a Japanese Shinto shrine.

"Our goal is to make the game visually pleasing with the sophisticated Japanese setting and the high-quality graphics, "said Chris Su, Product Design Director of MegaCubic.

The developer also pointed out that Puggy is different from other virtual pets that are usually cute and friendly; it is mysterious, magical, and naughty.

"We believe Puggy's unique character and mischievous reactions will offer players a fresh experience in pet adoption games," remarked Kenny Su, Founder and CEO of MegaCubic. "Based on the ideas of wizards and magical power, we plan to add more interesting elements that will surprise players in our future updates," continued Su.

Puggy the Monster - Trial of Shadow 1.0 is available worldwide exclusively on the App Store in the Games category.

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