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Memorability Photo Books (AppStore Link)
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Memorability Photo Books
Developer: Point Blank Group LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Today, Point Blank Group is thrilled to announce the release of the Memorability Photo Books app for iPad, a platform for creating and sharing narrated photo books. The app combines the best of digital photo albums, scrapbooking and visual storytelling, and is now free during launch on the App Store.

Memorability makes it easy for people to use photos, text captions & audio voiceovers combined with multi-photo page layouts to tell their photo stories. Users simply drag-&-drop their photos into album pages with a variety of stylish graphic themes. An audio caption feature allows users to record 1 minute per page narratives for their albums, adding context and meaning to the user's collection of photos. Pages are viewed as a fullscreen automatic photo book slideshow, or can be swiped through manually.

"My husband and I created Memorability to solve a personal pain point of mine," explained co-founder Anne Clark. "I love taking photos of my family, but because I am a busy parent, the photos collect on my computer or get lost in my phone's photo stream. I wanted a quick and easy way to curate and add context to my photos so that my family could remember all the great times we've had."

Private social sharing features allow users to share photo books with family and friends on their Friend Feed within Memorability, as well as on their Facebook timeline, or by email. Similar to other existing social platforms, users can add others as "friends" within the app, and have the ability to view and comment on friends' photo books.

Clark explained that while social media is supposed to make people more connected, she believes that some social platforms connect individuals in a more superficial way. "Like many people, I found myself surfing Pinterest and I realized how much I would love a platform for visual content curation & sharing that was more personal - filled with photos of my family and my friends' families." Thus, the idea for Memorability was born.

Memorability provides an iPad-only solution, allowing people to take their photo books with them everywhere. There are no printing options or website interfaces. A server stores photo books that users have shared, and user albums are stored locally on their iPad as well.

Main Features:
* Easily create beautiful digital photo books of up to 20 pages
* Choose from many stylish album themes to personalize your photo books
* Import multiple photos from your iPad photo stream or Facebook
* Add titles, text captions and up to 1 minute of audio narration per page
* Share albums privately on Memorability | on Facebook | by email
* See all your friends' latest photo books in one convenient feed
* View, comment on, or save your friends' photo books
* Read the comments your friends leave for you
* View photo books as gorgeous automatic full-screen slideshows with audio playback

The premium version of Memorability Photo Books (v1.0) is currently Free during launch, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. After launch, the app will be free with $3.99 (USD) in-app purchase upgrade for premium version. In-app purchases are also available for additional album themes. To learn more about the Memorability Photo Books app, visit Memorability's website.

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