Mind Blitz for iOS Just Got Better - New Gameplay Mode Extends the Fun

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Mind Blitz
Developer: Reuben Goulart
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Mind Blitz 1.1 for iOS, by Reuben's Apps, Just Got Better. The twist on the traditional memory matching game suitable for all ages, now has a new gameplay mode called Endless, where the player competes for the fastest time without the worry of the timer or penalty cards. Mind Blitz takes the mundane matching game and elevates it to a new level with action puzzle elements. New Achievements and a Leaderboard for fastest times have been added specifically for Endless Mode in Game Center. The previous game mode has been renamed to Blitz Mode, and now offers help to the player in the first couple of penalty card stages to spot the location of the hidden card.

Mind Blitz has been featured by Apple as "New & Noteworthy", "What's Hot" and "What We're Playing", in the Games section of the App Store, since its launch. Mike Fahey of Kotaku exclaims, "Simple and clean, it's a memory match game that flirts with action puzzle elements when no one is looking... ...just your memory versus a pleasantly stark screen. Perfect."

Mind Blitz is a beautifully designed game complete with achievements, high scores, penalty cards and power-ups. It takes the mundane matching game and elevates it to a new level with action puzzle elements. Simply flip over cards to match corresponding pairs. Matching pairs within the allotted time period will advance the player to the next level, all the while filling up a power meter and gaining points to purchase power-up cards to be be utilized in the more difficult levels.

Save up your points during the game to unlock power up cards like, the "Wiggle Card" which for a brief moment 'wiggles' the corresponding match. If the player wants to rack up a high score, save up power points for the "Multiplier Card" and double the points that are earned for a level. However, players must beware of penalty cards that reshuffle and reset the game, which are hidden randomly within later levels.

Mind Blitz is an Universal App that can be installed on any device that runs iOS 6.0 and higher. This includes graphics that take full advantage of the 4-inch iPhone 5 screen as well as the smaller iPhone and larger iPads. No matter which recent device one has, the players can reap the joy of this brain-challenging game.

Mind Blitz is one of two apps created by Reuben's Apps. The first App is an original Valentine's collection of Retro-styled Valentine's cards that can be personalized with photos and messages and shared instantly with loved ones.

Mind Blitz 1.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. For a promo code to try out the application please email Reuben Goulart, as promo codes are limited.

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