Minicars Touch 1.0 for iOS: Auto Racing Sim Features Epic Control System


Dracoders today is pleased to introduce Minicars Touch 1.0 for iOS, their new auto racing Game featuring the Epic Control System, which allows the user to control their car by dragging their finger along the track ahead of their racecar. Other features include: 15 different tracks, up to six cars racing simultaneously, nitro power-ups, electric barriers, teleports, secret track elements, and detailed pixel-art graphics. Played in overhead view, players can bump in to other cars and run them off the track. The game includes 15 levels of play, each of which must be unlocked to go to the next level.

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Minicars Touch
Developer: Federico Bigliocca
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Good racing games have dedicated, hand-held controllers that allow the player to continuously trim speed and direction. Lacking such controllers, touchscreen based racing games have had to rely upon touch controllers that lacked sensitivity and accuracy. The Epic Control System turns touch control from a disadvantage into an advantage. The player maintains absolute control through every turn and straightaway using their finger, which provides their car with a control path. Wherever the player's finger drags on the track, their car follows.

It takes some time to become accustomed to this kind of control system, but the rewards are worth the effort. Soon, players can regulate the distance between car and finger, controlling speed. The natural inclination to go too fast, spinning out, is overcome and players gain such fine control that they can bump other cars off the track. Upcoming obstacles are more quickly anticipated, because the focus is well ahead of the car's actual position.

The 15 different tracks feature a creative assortment of barriers, curves, surfaces, hazards, and secret elements. The sound and visual effects combine to provide very realistic spinouts, crashes, acceleration, and skids. Players who leave the track and go on to the grass leave mud behind, as their car's tires find traction and rocket the car ahead. There are clearly audible differences between different track surfaces, with accompanying smoke and dust. Nitro power-ups, electric barriers, explosions, and teleports make races more competitive at higher levels of play.

Clearly a labor of love, the pixel-art graphics in Minicars is ultra-detailed and contributes significantly to the realism of the game. Unlike 3D art featuring smooth gradations of color and anti-aliased edges, pixel-art achieves realism through different styles of dithering and single pixel control along edges. Pixel-art is quite time consuming, but the overhead graphics of Minicars achieve a remarkable realism that perfectly textured 3D surfaces lack. This graphical choice can be seen as an homage to the arcade games of the 80's. Played in portrait mode, approximately one-quarter of the track is displayed on screen. The view is constantly changing as the game keeps up with the player's car as it travels. Gameplay on iPad is especially enjoyable with so much screen real estate available for touch control.

Gameplay Highlights for Minicars Touch:

⇒ Compete against five other computer controlled racecars
⇒ Top view racing game features exciting soundtrack and audio effects
⇒ Win Gold Cups to unlock the 15 levels
⇒ Epic control system allows greater control than traditional touchscreen controllers do
⇒ Nitro power-ups
⇒ Electric barriers
⇒ Teleports and secret track elements
⇒ Bump other cars off the track
⇒ Continuous lap counter and elapsed time
⇒ Highly realistic pixel-art graphics

"Blaze on 15 different tracks against 5 competitors in this turn & burn racing game for the iOS," stated developer Federico Bigliocca. "Use every dirty trick in the book to your advantage such as shortcuts, teleports, electric weapons, and nitro speed bursts against your opponents to claim your name in fame and unlock even more exciting tracks."

Minicars Touch 1.0 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Review copies are available upon request.

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