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Mission - Brand Photo Games and Contests (AppStore Link)
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Mission - Brand Photo Games and Contests
Developer: Alchemy and Houston LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

As brands seek to grow their relevance in a time of user-generated content, many are increasingly turning to photo contests as a way to generate earned media.

Today, a new iPhone app called Mission, launched to make it easier for users to engage with photo contests run by brands. Mission curates photo contests run on Instagram, and allows users to easily participate in them. There are over 40 live contests at any given time with most lasting a few weeks to a month.

The app is already processing a few thousand photos per day and contains over forty contests at any given time from brands such as Mercedes Benz, Juicy Couture, C-Wonder, and BMW, as well as small boutiques, designers, and bloggers. In total, Mission has indexed contests from over 275 brands, which have generated over half a million photos from an engaged user segment.

The main brands featured on the app are Fashion and Lifestyle related, as these segments naturally allow for beautiful photos that users find engaging.

Key Features:
* Discover dozens of photo contests and see photos users have entered.
* Follow brands directly on the app when the contest requires.
* Upload a photo or copy hashtags to participate in the contests directly from the app.
* See which contests a user has participated in.

With recent reports that mobile advertising is growing at 150% year-on-year and may reach $7 billion in 2013, photo contests are yet another reflection of a rush to develop brand outreach solutions for mobile. Mission's platform focuses exclusively on the niche of earned media.

Mission - Brand Photo Games and Contests 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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