Big Win Blackjack Takes Players from Teaching to Tournament

Big Win Blackjack™ (AppStore Link)
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Big Win Blackjack™
Developer: GOSUB 60
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On Friday, Mobile Deluxe, publisher of Solitaire Deluxe and Big Win Slots, introduced Big Win Blackjack for iOS, a free-to-play premium app featuring multi-hand action and tournament play.

"With Big Win Blackjack, we've created a game that will captivate the most experienced players and those playing for the first time," said Josh Hartwell, the company's CEO. "It teaches users everything they need to know about the game with premium graphics and fluid game play." Mobile Deluxe's exclusive Easy Read™ cards and Apple's distinctive Retina Display make for comfortable viewing and a high-quality experience. Big Win Blackjack is also the first to offer different rules at casinos worldwide for a variety of game play. 

Big Win Blackjack teaches players how to improve their skills in a new Professor Blackjack mode. Professor Blackjack teaches users the basic rules of the game and advanced card counting strategies, developing the skillset for users to feel comfortable playing in real-world casinos. For players heading to Las Vegas for the first time -- or the 100th time -- Big Win Blackjack offers a fun way to brush up on their skills.

Professor Blackjack is available with Hand Advisor and Card Counting to further teach the game's strategy, suggesting whether players should hit or stand, double down or split. It also highlights the deck's status and card count, giving players a better idea if the next card will be an "Ace" or "Bust" card, whether the count is favorable, and if the player should raise, lower, or stick with their original bet. It defines professional card counting, enabling players to maximize winnings through smart moves and bets.

Players receive free chips daily and additional chips when the player's bankroll hits zero, offering never-ending play in an ad-sponsored casino. Players can also purchase chips and premium content, including more casinos, card decks and access to high-limit rooms.

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