Movie Makers from Tiny Twiga Studios Launch: Hello Meerkat! HD for iPad

Hello Meerkat! HD (AppStore Link)
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Hello Meerkat! HD
Developer: Tiny Twiga Studios Pty Ltd
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Tiny Twiga Studios, a children's mobile app creator led by an artist and developer from award winning films and children's animated movies, have launched their first app. Hello Meerkat! HD 1.01 is an interactive storybook about a day at the zoo for the 1-4 age group. Along with reading the story and meeting the animals, children engage in a game of hide and seek with the baby meerkats. Educational features for building vocabulary and singing a favourite lullaby are also included.

"Hello Meerkat! was inspired by our young daughter's love of animals and the zoo. Every trip to the zoo requires a mandatory visit to the meerkat enclosure to say 'hello' to her meerkat friends. She adores them and laughes as their heads randomly pop up around the enclosure from behind a log or within a burrow. So we came up with the idea for the storybook app featuring her favourite animals with age appropriate themes to encourage toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn more about animals," says Belinda Young, Co-Founder and Art Director.

Feature Highlights:
* Vivid original artwork with movie quality imagery and characters
* Favourite Australian animals with their friends from around the world
* A clever story that can be read in any order by choosing animals from the Zoo Map
* Play with the animals and wait for the baby meerkats to peek from their hiding spots
* "Autoplay" provides the option of having the page order automatically shuffled
* "Explore" is an educational mode to help build vocabulary by learning the names of the animals and their babies
* "Goodnight" is to find the animals in the night time scene and sing a lullaby
* Great for promoting observation skills, vocabulary and lots of fun
* Easy to use interface with no advertising, no external links and no in-app purchasing

Pricing and Availability:
Hello Meerkat! HD 1.01 is available for iPad at $2.99 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Apple App Store in the Books category.

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