Music Videos: Top 100 Uses YouTube Charts for Music Discovery

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Music Videos
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share: is pleased to announce the release of Music Videos: Top 100. This iPhone and iPad app enables users to watch popular music videos and to discover new ones, in a very user-friendly way.

"Music Videos: Top 100 is set apart from other music chart apps by the fact that it just works. We have put a lot of effort into perfecting the user-experience. While other apps tend to only show short previews, or cover bands, Music Videos: Top 100 makes sure all music videos are what you expect them to be" - said Rob Appel, managing director of

The app is based on the YouTube 100 music chart, which tracks song popularity by measuring views across official videos and viral debuts. Since YouTube launched this chart in May 2011 it has ever been increasing in popularity. It has however been hard to access the chart on mobile devices. Music Videos: Top 100 provides iPhone and iPad users with a user-friendly way to view the chart and its videos.

Other notable features include the ability to watch old top 100s up till 6 months back, weekly push notifications when a new top 100 is available, the ability to share and buy songs, and a history of recently watched videos. This enables users to easily watch the songs they like again.

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