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Must Keep Counting Free (AppStore Link)
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Must Keep Counting Free
Developer: Jonathan Mulcahy
Price: free Download on the App Store

Since the dawn of time human kind has competed in feats of strength to show superiority. Arm Wrestling, Rock Throwing, Spitting, these are the stuff of legends. Today a new challenge enters the fold...Counting!

icebergapps today introduces Must Keep Counting Free 1.1 for iOS. Must Keep Counting continues the time honored tradition of proving you are better than your friends. In this case, you can count higher and faster than them.

In Must Keep Counting, you must touch the numbers in order to clear the screen. Each number is replaced with a new number to allow the player to continuously keep counting. As long as you count in order and under the progressively shorter time limit, you can keep counting. One mistake and it's all over. Can you count higher than your friends? Only one way to find out!

Feature Highlights:
* Progressively increasing difficulty as the timer decreases from 9 seconds down to 2 seconds
* One touch game play - one finger is all you need
* Game center leader boards (iOS only)
* Bold minimalist design
* Pickup and play anywhere
* It's Free!

Whatever you do, you Must Keep Counting!

Must Keep Counting Free is (you guessed it) free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.

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