myPill, iOS Contraception Reminder App, Supports Patch Contraceptive

myPill® Birth Control Reminder & Menstrual Cycle Tracker: Pill, Ring or Patch Contraceptive (AppStore Link)
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myPill® Birth Control Reminder & Menstrual Cycle Tracker: Pill, Ring or Patch Contraceptive
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Announcing that Hashsoft has just released myPill version 2.1, their birth control reminder app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Following many requests from its devoted users, this version finally bring the long-waited patch contraceptive theme, a contraception product. Just like nicotine patch works, this can be placed on the shoulder or other body parts, this hormon patch replaces the need of swallowing pills daily.

As a side note, Hashsoft reveals it plans on release an app totally devoted to the patch contraceptive, this will save the need for all configuration parameters required by the generic myPill and provide a faster on-boarding for new users.

Pack of patch contraceptive has three patches in it, each patch lasts for one week. myPill reminds to place the first patch, reminds replace it with a new patch every week and reminds to remove it after three weeks.

Another big news is five new translation languages added. Following the success of previous localization support, myPill now supports German, Dutch, Korean, Russian and Arabic. Now, along with French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish - myPill supports the top 10 popular languages worldwide.

Lastly, myPill has got a more appealing new app icon and iPad graphics has been adjusted to match the new iPad retina display.

Pricing and Availability:
myPill - Birth Control Reminder 2.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

via PR Mac

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