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Pigs don't fly
Developer: Norma Vivar
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Mysia Games today is proud to announce Pigs don't fly 1.0, a new iOS, Android and Amazon based game on their website. This is one of many games that this group of mobile game developers will be putting out to all mobile markets. The "Pigs don't fly" game is based on a story about a superhero pig, Sir Pork Chop III, King of Bacon Mountain who gets his superpowers by touching some mysterious rock that falls from the sky. Sir Pork Chop goes off to be a crusader for the oppressed and downtrodden, leaving his home and kingdom to his son. After a while Sir Pork Chop realizes his powers are waning and he has to find the crystals before the universe is destroyed.

The aim of the game is to get the superhero back home, help him navigate through the treacherous mountain trails and the unknown and frightening underground cave world of Bacon Mountain until he gets to the magical crystals. Players need to keep our superhero's super abilities from waning so he can complete the journey, save Planet Popcorn and the universe.

A pig is an unlikely hero but then we've seen dogs, cats, pandas, monkeys; even turtles take on the mantle. There is no reason why a hero pig should be inconceivable. The guys at Mysia take the gaming concept further by actually providing a story so as you run, leap and fly to take Sir Pork Chop to another level of his epic life and story.

Sir Pork Chop is an accidental hero with flaws and a gamer will appreciate the ability to leap from mountain to mountain, go over volcanoes, go to the highest mountain peak only to descend to the deepest depths. There are 30 levels in total and they are all challenging. All mobile gamers only had Angry Birds to play on their devices now they have something more interesting. It is already creating a buzz on Facebook with over a thousand people liking it in just a few weeks of its release and there is already a twitter following from people who had seen the game on YouTube or downloaded the "limited time only" offer on mobile.

All mobile gamers have been accused with loving free stuff but then in this day and age who doesn't. The best games are the ones that translate well between age groups, Angry Bird managed to do this being popular for both young and old. You don't have to like pigs to fall in love with Mysia's virtually free gaming app; "Pigs don't fly" to enjoy endless hours of clicking to get the superhero pig to jump, fly and do whatever to get to the crystals. Going by how fun it is to pay the game the guys at Mysia must be bursting out of the seams to give the android, Amazon and iOS world more fun.

Mysia, a site run by a passionate group of people solely dedicated to the development and creation of entertainment application that run on mobile devices, have come up with an innovative game Pigs Don't Fly available for download for $0.99. The company is set to develop mobile entertainment solutions like games and it also offers consultation services on mobile related entertainment across most mobile platforms.

Pigs don't fly 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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