Mysteryville 2 Brings On More Hidden Object Adventures

Mysteryville 2 HD: hidden object crime investigation (AppStore Link)
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Mysteryville 2 HD: hidden object crime investigation
Developer: Nevosoft LLC
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Nevosoft, a top Russian casual game developer, announced the release of their game Mysteryville 2, an original adventure with intriguing storyline, and hours of seek-and-find fun. Return to the intrigue of Mysteryville in this amazing sequel! Journalist Laura Winner returns for a visit and in spite of only wanting a relaxing vacation, finds herself sucked into another mystery.

Mysteryville 2 has hidden object and puzzle-solving gameplay and offers a new story. Over the course of the game you'll get to interact with several of the town's inhabitants, including some new faces and some who will be familiar from the first game but have assumed new responsibilities in the town.

Laura comes to Mysteryville on the invitation of old acquaintance Bill Witowsky. However, she arrives in the town to find Bill missing and an art and jewellery auction about to take place organized by the town's new priest. Could Bill's disappearance and this auction, which is totally out of character for a small town like Mysteryville, be connected somehow? It's up to Laura to find out, with your help of course.

Mysteryville 2 Features:

- An intriguing and interesting story
- A great and colorful graphics
- Interesting and varied mini-games
- Atmospheric detective story
- Breathtaking gameplay

Mysteryville 2 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an HD iPad version available.

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