Meowch! Drops a Fresh of Cats Into the App Store

Meowch! (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Nah-Meen Studios LLC
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Nah-Meen Studios carefully developed Meowch! to be fun, challenging and appealing to a variety of players. "A lot of effort went into making Meowch! accessible to everyone. It's really easy when making a game about cats to go off the deep end and just make everything cute and forget about game play." describes Bradley Wollman, Nah-Meen's artistic talent. "We wanted to make sure we developed something genuinely fun."

Brian Tully, the start-up's developer talks about Meowch!'s evolution, “The idea I pitched was 'falling cats.' Months later we have three characters, a cat lady, animal control, 36 levels and a killer interactive environment.” Meowch! is Nah-Meen Studios's first release and with all the positive feedback it has been getting, it certainly won't be their last.

"Great game - very addictive with a nice retro style," says Carlos M Icaza, Co-Founder of Ansca Mobile. Nah-Meen Studios utlized Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK mobile toolkit to create Meowch!

Casual gamers will enjoy flopping a cat through all 36 levels by bouncing off satellite dishes and sliding down gutters. Competitive gamers won't be disappointed, they can collect achievements and compete on the leader board for the top spot with Game Center and Open Feint support. With multiple ways to complete each level, Meowch! is a game players will keep coming back to. The levels were built with a steady progression of difficulty that make it impossible to get bored of Meowch!.

Gameplay Video for Meowch!

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