NASA Night Sky Network Partners With Distant Suns Astronomy App

Distant Suns(max): Touch the sky, own the Universe (AppStore Link)
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Distant Suns(max): Touch the sky, own the Universe
Developer: Mike Smithwick
Price: $9.99 Download on the App Store

First Light Design today is pleased to announce the release of version 3.3.1 of its comprehensive, award-winning Distant Suns(TM) Astronomy App for iPad and iPhone(TM). Among its new features are local, United States listings of astronomical events and activities direct from the NASA Night Sky Network and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, up to 100% improvement in display performance, and improved imagery of its realistic displays of the night sky. This enhances Distant Sun's already extensive feature-set which includes augmented reality viewing and over 300,000 celestial objects. It is now one of the easiest to use astronomy apps for both casual sky watchers as well as serious professionals. Distant Suns is available for iOS devices, including the new iPad3, on the App Store for $9.99.

Originally released for the Commodore Amiga, Distant Suns has been bringing the cosmos to stargazers for almost 30 years. It takes advantage of iOS device's GPS and compass, so all the user has to do is aim and stargaze. Augmented reality viewing overlays the sky with the local landscape. No internet access is required to use Distant Suns.

"The Astronomical Society of the Pacific and NASA Night Sky Network are thrilled to be partners with Distant Suns," said Suzanne Gurton, Education Manager, Astronomical Society of the Pacific. "We believe astronomy should be a part of everyone's lives, and now you can find a star party or your local astronomy club while exploring the sky with Distant Suns. It's a great way to dig deeper and really have fun with astronomy."

"We're excited to have partnered with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and NASA's Night Sky Network in order to provide their listings in Distant Suns," said Mike Smithwick, Founder and President of First Light Design. "Since Distant Suns original release in 1985, our mission has been to bring the wonders of stargazing and education about the universe to everyone. By listing local events, we are enabling users to take advantage of astronomy programs of all kinds."

Features include:
- View the stars from the Earth or out in the solar system
- Augmented Reality Viewing overlays the sky with the local landscape
- What's Up? Offers an overview of the evening's sky
- GPS and Compass aware
- NASA's Night Sky Network of local astronomical events (US only)
- Red Night Vision
- Stories behind each constellation
- Ability to touch the sky and reveal data for each object, including every planet
- Over 300,000 planets, stars, galaxies, nebula and star clusters
- Viewpoint Lock keeps any planet centered
- Current Weather patterns on the earth, updated daily
- Change the look of the stars
- Hubble Space Telescope images
- Interactive tour of the solar system
- And much more

About Astronomical Society of the Pacific:
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), based in San Francisco, manages the NASA Night Sky Network. The ASP is the largest general astronomy society in the world, with members from over 70 nations. The NASA Night Sky Network is sponsored and supported by NASA, JPL's PlanetQuest, & the National Science Foundation.

About NASA Night Sky Network:
The Night Sky Network is a nationwide coalition of amateur astronomy clubs bringing the science, technology, and inspiration of NASA's missions to the general public. They share their time and telescopes to provide the public with unique astronomy experiences at science museums, observatories, classrooms, and under the real night sky. For more information, go to Night Sky Network.

Distant Suns 3 (v3.3.1) is $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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